A Clue Saga

Back in 2006, I happened to find Clue: An Ongoing Internet Story through a day of scouring over the fan-beloved cluedofan.com. I was instantly enthralled with David's marvelous story, tearing through the first three seasons in a weekend. I had tried my hand, in the past, at writing a 24 chapter Clue book, but it fail. David's brilliant soap opera concept of a continual over-arcing story line that also involves the Clue cast was the best memories of my childhood. Most official Clue books and stories have a tendency of "resetting" to bring back the victims and prevent the main cast from going to jail. With this new idea and my growing love for dramas and soaps - Desperate Housewives, General Hospital - I decided to embark on my journey to writing my own ongoing story. While the first dozen attempts were juvenile and likely overpowered by teenage angst, I finally feel comfortable enough to share with you a story that I believe is worth telling.

Matt Chapman, my brilliant illustrator, has been given creative freedom on quite a few characters, which can impact how I write for them and what happens. His familiarity with Clue sets the perfect tone for my stories with grisly deaths, the subtle line-work, and excellent proportions.

What is Clue Saga about? My goal is to cover the canon murders in the board games over the years (Dr. Black, Mr. Boddy, Mr. Meadow-Brook) as well as creating my own mysteries, and dropping the occasional reference to a character or location from An Ongoing Internet Story.

I have a clear end in sight for the series, but how long will it go on? It all depends on the interest of my readers, the feedback, and the right ideas to work with. As of right now it should go on for at least 150 episodes. We’ll see if it goes longer, it just might.