A Clue Saga


Miss Vivienne Scarlet

Age: 22

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Nationality: American

Occupation: Former Chorister


-Cigarette Addiction

-Frequent Marijuana Smoker

-Casual Cocaine User


-Framed her father and a neighbor to be having an affair to encourage her new stepmother to leave.

-Witnessed Mr. Liverwurst fall to his death onboard a train to Connecticut.

Family Tree

Father: Dr. James Scarlet

Mother: Mrs. Josephine Scarlet

Step-Mother: Mrs. Patricia Peacock

Step-Father: Mr. Ernest Zaffer

Step-Father: Lord Edwin Spruce

Step-Father: General Gerald Cobalt

Step-Father: Senator Marcus Peacock

Late-Boyfriend: Mr. Edward Clay

Colonel Michael Mustard

Age: 62

Eyes: Green

Hair: Gray

Nationality: American

Occupation: Retired Colonel


-Untreated Concussion in Sumatra

-Knee Injury in Burma

-Alcohol Addiction

-Gambling Addiction


-Stole from Blackwell Grange as a child.

-Killed a nervous patrol in Argentina.

-Went rouge on a Moroccan Militia. 

-Stole from King Azure.

-Sold Essential Military Information

-Blackmail/Coercion in order to become Honorably Discharged.

Family Tree

Grandfather: Captain Algernon Mustard

Grandmother: Mrs. Nadine Mustard

Father: General Martin Mustard

Mother: Miss Melora Dijon

Ex-Wife: Dr. Heather Mustard

Mrs. Blanche (Chaulkey) White

Age: 68

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Gray

Nationality: Scottish 

Occupation: Housekeeper


-Bad Knees

-Bad Back

-Bad Eyes

-Early Dementia


-Witnessed the arson at Pratton Memorial Hospital, and said nothing.

-Assisted in the cover-up of Winslow White's untimely death.

Family Tree

Father: Mr. Lucien Chaulkey

Mother: Mrs. Christine Chaulkey

Sister: Lady Florence Gray

Brother: Mr. Eugene Chaulkey

Late-Husband: Mr. Winslow White

Ex-Secret Lover: Dr. Hugh Black

Secret Child: Sergeant Benjamin Gray

Secret Child: Unknown

Mr. Thallo Green

Age: 52

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown/Receding

Nationality: Italian-American

Occupation: Businessman



-High Blood-Pressure

-Cigar Addiction


-30+ years of work with Jasper-O'Range-Green Import/Export.

Family Tree

Uncle: Rev. Hosea Green

Father: Mr. Jonathan Green

Mother: Mrs. Greta Green

Brother: Mr. Jacob Green

Brother: Mr. Colin Green

Wife: Mrs. Olivia Raven-Green

Father-In-Law: Dr. Walter Raven

Mrs. Patricia (Gobelin) Scarlet-Zaffer-Spruce-Cobalt-Peacock

Age: 48

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Nationality: American 

Occupation: Widow/Heiress


-Two Miscarriages

-Suicidal Attempt

-Alcohol Addiction

-Casual Cocaine User


-Sabotaged an actress to gain the limelight during her vaudeville days.

-Coerced Cecil Burns into helping her investigate Dr. Scarlet's alleged affair with the neighbor.

Family Tree

Father: Mr. Charles Gobelin

Mother: Mrs. Liza Gobelin

Sister: Miss Pamela Gobelin

Ex-Boyfriend: Dr. Hugh Black

Secret Child: Miss Emily Peach

Late-Husband: Dr. James Scarlet

Step-Daughter: Miss Vivienne Scarlet

Late-Husband: Mr. Ernest Zaffer

Late-Husband: Lord Edwin Spruce

Sister-In-Law: Miss Edna Spruce

Late-Husband: General Gerald Cobalt

Late-Husband: Senator Marcus Peacock

Sister-In-Law: Ms. Eleanor Peacock

Nephew: Dr. Lionel Peacock

Professor Victor Plum

Age: 61

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Gray/Receding

Nationality: American 

Occupation: Chemist; Archeologist


-Self-Administered Experimental Serum

-Opium Addiction

-Heroin Addiction


-Chemical/Medical Experimentation

-Testing/Manipulation of Benedict the 5th.

Family Tree

Adoptive Father: Dr. Gregory Plum

Mother: Mrs. Angela Plum

Father: Sir Benedict Black the 4th

Half-Brother: Benedict Black the 5th

Half-Sister: Madame Rose Black

Half-Brother: Dr. Hugh Black

Half-Sister: Mrs. Margaret Black-Boddy

Secret Niece: Miss Brenda Dove

Nephew: Master John Boddy

Niece: Miss Emily Peach

Nephew: Fivel Dove

Doctor Hugh Black

Age: 58

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Gray

Nationality: American 

Occupation: Retired Surgeon


-Self-Administered Experimental Serum

-Undiagnosed Insanity

-Murdered with a Wrench


-Running and underground asylum in the cellars and crypts beneath Blackwell Grange.

-Murdering sixteen women in Monte Carlo.

-Testing/Manipulation of Benedict the 5th.

Family Tree

Father: Sir Benedict Black the 4th

Mother: Mrs. Beatrice Black

Half-Brother: Professor Victor Plum

Brother: Benedict Black the 5th

Sister: Madame Rose Black

Sister: Mrs. Margaret Black-Boddy

Ex-Secret Lover: Mrs. Blanche White

Secret Child: Sgt. Benjamin Gray

Ex-Wife: Mrs. Olivia Raven-Green

Ex-Girlfriend: Mrs. Patricia Peacock

Secret Child: Miss Emily Peach

Ex-Secret Lover: Nurse Ava Silver

Secret Child: Fivel Dove

Ex-Fiancee/Secret Niece: Miss Brenda Dove

Nephew: Master John Boddy

Miss Brenda Dove 


Miss Brenda Black

Age: 33

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Blonde

Nationality: American 

Occupation: N/A


-Onion Allergy


-Assisting her mother in conning Dr. Black into marrying her.

-Murdering Miss Ms. Marigold

-Murdering Miss Yvette Ardoise

Family Tree

Father: Unknown

Mother: Mrs. Margaret Black-Boddy

Adoptive Son: Fivel Dove

Secret Uncle/Fiance: Dr. Hugh Black

Secret Grandfather: Sir Benedict the 4th

Secret Uncle: Professor Victor Plum

Secret Uncle: Benedict the 5th

Secret Aunt: Madame Rose Black