A Clue Saga

                                                           CHARACTER CREDITS



Miss Scarlet - 1949 UK/US; Miss Scarlett

Colonel Mustard - 1996 US; Colonel Mustard

Sir Benedict Black IV - 1949 UK/US; Professor Plum

Sergeant Gray - 1988 Master Detective; Sergeant Gray

Monsieur Brunette - 1988 Master Detective; Monsieur Brunette

Madame Rose - 1988 Master Detective; Madame Rose

Miss Peach - 1988 Master Detective; Miss Peach

Nurse Silver - 1986 US; Mrs. White

Doctor Orchid - 1986 US; Miss Scarlet

Mrs. Meadow-Brook - 1986 US; Mrs. Peacock

Mr. Meadow-Brook 1986 US; Mr. Green

Mr. Clay - 1993 13 Dead End Drive; Clay the Tennis Coach

Inspector Brown - 2005 Clue DVD Game; Inspector Brown



Inspector Pry - portrayed by Michael Akers

Mr. Masque - David Parlette Jr

Baron Bronze - portrayed by Matt Chapman

 Mr. Persimmon - portrayed by David Rodriguez

Mrs. Peacock - portrayed by Stephanie Beacham

Dr. Prussian - portrayed by Bill Henderson

Lord Gray - portrayed by Charles Dance

Yvette - portrayed by Colleen Camp

Ben Black the Fifth - portrayed by Richard McElvain

Miss Dove - portrayed by Sarah Paulson

Mr. Liverwurst - portrayed by John Carroll Lynch

Mr. O'Range - portrayed by Danny DeVito




Miss Scarlet

Colonel Mustard

Monsieur Brunette

Mrs. White

Mr. Ash

Doctor Black

Yvette * (1985 Movie)

Professor Plum

Mrs. Peacock

Mr. Green

Madame Rose

Herr Gold * (Mr. Gold in Patent)

Madame Puce

Dr. Prussian * (1985 Mobil Ad)

Sergeant Gray

Master Boddy

Doctor Orchid

Sir Black

Commissioner Forest

Inspector Brown

Inspector Pry *

Detective Amarillo * (2018 Paul Allor Comic)

General Umber * (knockoff Mystery Game)

Dr. Olive

Mr. Meadow-Brook

Mrs. Silver * (Patent)

Reverend Green

Mrs. Meadow-Brook

Rusty Naylor

Lord Gray

Miss Gray * (Miss Grey in Patent)

Miss Peach

Ms. Ho * (1985 Movie)

Mr. Slate-Grey

Prince Azure

* indicates a canon character not appearing in board games, but tv, movie, book, patent etc.



Mr. Clay

Captain Seafoam ** (ToAM forum member PrinceAzure33)

Baron Bronze ** (Matt Chapman)

Nurse Silver

Miss Dove

Fivel Dove

Frau Bloom

Miss Raven

Mr. Black

Dr. Raven

Mr. Liverwurst ** (Matt Chapman)

Mrs. Ash


Officer Frost

Officer Moss


Miss Snow

Miss Tawny

Miss Ecru

Ms. Marigold ** (ToAM forum member Zoo977)

Ms. Mango ** (Matt Chapman)

Mrs. Fuchsia

Mrs. Olive

Judge Mauve ** (Matt Chapman)

Mr. Alabaster

Mr. O'Range

Mrs. Canary ** (David Parlette Jr.)

Malcolm Meadow-Brook

Jessica Meadow-Brook

Mercy Meadow-Brook

Miss Diamond ** (ToAM forum member Niteshade007)

Mr. Celadon

Mrs. Slate-Grey

Lady Gray

Jake Slate-Grey

P.I. Coal

P.I. Sepia

Mayor Periwinkle

Mrs. Periwinkle

Admiral Bloom

Commander Saffon

Mr. Persimmon

Mr. Egret

Ms. Greenfield

Otis Greenfield

Duncan Greenfield

** indicates a fan-made character donation; not the author's original character