A Clue Saga





Benedict Black I is born

Blackwell Grange is built

Lord Benedict Black I marries Lila Palmer

Benedict Black II is born

Lorna Green is born

Lyman Green is born

Dr. Benedict Black II marries Lorna Green

Benedict Black III is born

Georgia Black is born

Mr. Benedict Black III marries Nora Gray

Jasper-O'Range-Green Import established

Lyman Green marries Georgia Black

Lyman Green dies

Georgia Green dies

Lord Benedict Black I dies

Lady Lila Black dies

Jasper-O'Range Import re-established

Earl Gray is born

Earl Gray is orphaned at thirteen

Earl Gray inherits Grayscale Close

Earl Gray meets Benedict Black III

Black-Gray Pharmaceuticals is founded

Benedict Black IV is born

Dr. Benedict Black II dies

Mrs. Lorna Black dies

Walter Raven is born

Gregory Seafoam is born

Alice Blue is born

Mrs. Nora Gray dies

Phoebe Puce is born

Alfred Gray is born

Hosea Green is born

Winslow White is born

Blanche Chaulkey is born

Benedict Black IV is knighted Sir

Mr. Benedict Black III dies

Benedict Black IV marries Beatrice Ebony

Michael Mustard is born

Victor Plum is born

Benedict V and Rose Black are born twins

Klaus Gold is born

Hugh Black is born

Marcus Peacock is born

Florence Chaulkey is born

Margaret Black is born

An Elite Gentlemen's Club is founded

Olga Bloom is born

Gerald Cobalt is born

Olivia Raven is born

Jonah Prussian is born

Beatrice Black dies

Alice Blue dies

Benedict Black V is taken into the crypt

Samuel Boddy is born

Reginald Ash is born

Thallo Green is born

Mabel Cinder is born

James Scarlet is born

Josephine Carmine is born

Blanche Chaulkey marries Winslow White

Ernest Zaffer is born

Patricia Gobelin is born

Alphonse Brunette is born

Edwin Spruce is born

Gus Liverwurst is born

Ava Silver is born

Blanche White sleeps with Hugh Black

Winslow White dies

Patricia Gobelin becomes a stage actress

Benjamin Gray is born

Brenda Dove is born

Andrea Orchid is born

Margaret Black meets Patricia Gobelin

Patricia Gobelin's acting career ends

Margaret Black marries Samuel Boddy

Mathieu Bronze is born

Dina Gray is born

Earl Gray dies

Edward Clay is born

Patricia Gobelin meets Hugh Black

Patricia Gobelin has two miscarriages

Patricia Gobelin has a still-born child

Patricia Gobelin and Hugh Black break up

James Scarlet marries Josephine Carmine

Vivienne Scarlet is born

Josephine Scarlet dies

Patricia Gobelin marries James Scarlet

James Scarlet dies

Patricia Scarlet marries Ernest Zaffer

Ernest Zaffer dies

Yvette Ardoise is born

Patricia Zaffer marries Edwin Spruce

Edwin Spruce dies

Patricia Spruce marries Gerald Cobalt

Gerald Cobalt dies

John Boddy is born

Patricia Cobalt marries Marcus Peacock

Margaret and Samuel go missing

Sir Benedict Black IV is confined to the attic

Mabel Ash is abducted

Ava Silver is fired from Pratton Memorial

Fivel Dove is born

Edward Clay meets Vivienne Scarlet

Marcus Peacock dies

An Engagement Party for Hugh Black

Olga Bloom dies

Yvette Ardoise dies

Brenda Dove dies

Benedict Black V dies

Edward Clay dies

Hugh Black dies